Water Mist Technology

Water Mist Technology

SFFECO showcased its Environmental friendly Water Mist technology at UAE Civil Defence’s 3rd Annual Fire Safety Technology Forum

UAE Civil Defence’s 3rd Annual Fire Safety Technology Forum was held on 28th May 2013 at The Yas Viceroy Hotel - Yas Island - Abu Dhabi, under the Patronage of His Royal Highness Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, United Arab Emirates Minister of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister. The event focused on latest trends and innovative technologies in fire safety and protection.

For the same reason, Environmental friendly technologies like Water Mist and its product range including BacPac, WaterMist extinguishers, RescueMax and SafetyChef, SFFECO-1230 3M Novec extinguishing system earned key interest from the UAE Civil Defence and delegates who attended the conference. SFFECO's Water Mist Technology is designed for most fire risks, A, B, C, E and F. 100% environmental friendly and responsible, safe for people and animals, WaterMist systems does not require evacuation before discharge. In turn since it is 100% water, it is a toxic free agent which is safe for firefighting due to the mist barrier it creates between fire and operator. This also helps in fighting the fire from a closer distance. As soon as the Water Mist comes in contact with heat, it absorbs the heat turning into steam increasing its volume 1600 times, displacing the oxygen in place of heat, thereby reducing the temperature to below combustion levels.

This makes WaterMist a highly effective extinguishing agent due to its speedy cooling and inerting effect. Water Mist Systems are an interesting eco-friendly alternative to conventional gas and water based systems. It is as well quick and easy to refill and maintain.

Water Mist Systems gives no thermal shock or electrical conductivity resulting from discharge. It has lower life cycle costs mostly because of the agent being water and as well minimal water discharge, indicating negligible post-application cleaning time, consequential damages and losses; thereby minimal down-time before operations are resumed.

SFFECO currently has 4 Water Mist Systems -- RescueMax - An All-Terrain, All-Weather, All-Fire Class, First Response Compact Fire Vehicle; FireFix -- the only extinguisher of its type in the world to be able to extinguish ALL classes of fire using only water and no additives; SafetyChef -- the revolutionary fire suppression Water Mist technology for commercial kitchens & the food processing industry; BacPac - BacPac; A lightweight, comfortable, portable, genuine low-pressure, multi-purpose fire suppression Water Mist technology based kit, designed to tackle every class of fire.


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